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ASCWG Forensics Challenges Final Round writeups

Hello as it was an honor to write these challenges for the final round of Arab Security Cyber War Games, these are the writeups for said challenges.

Challenge 1: Bamboozled

The challenge description says the hacker has hidden the sensitive files inside a picture. okay let’s check this picture first.

From the looks of it, it doesn’t have anything interesting so we need to go deeper, using exiftool we got something interesting.

It looks like an md5 has, trying to crack it online using we get the password “alvium”. Using steghide we were able to extract the Flag.txt file

The flag ” ASCWG{St3go_!s_funny_s0met!m3S}”

Challenge no.2: Disassembled

So from the description we have an obfuscated file and we need to de-obufsucate it.

Looking at the downloaded rar file we get these weird pictures

The directory has 1162 pictures and their names appear to be base64 encoded. We need to write a script to decode their names and then reassemble the pictures in the correct order.

mkdir renamed_files

#Decode all of the image file names (base64)
for filename in `ls *.png`
    #Get the name of the file
    bn=`echo $filename | cut -d '.' -f 1`
    #Decode the name
    newName=`echo $bn | base64 -d`.png
    #Copy rename the file
    cp $filename renamed_files/$newName
echo "Successfuly decoded base 64 named files"

#Get max width and height by sorting each dimension and getting the max.
maxWidth=`ls renamed_files | cut -d '_' -f 1 | sort -nu | tail -n 1`
maxHeight=`ls renamed_files | cut -d '_' -f 2 | cut -d '.' -f 1 | sort -nu | tail -n 1`

printf "Max Width:\t%d\nMax Height:\t%d\n"  $maxWidth $maxHeight

#Construct the columns first
mkdir columns 

#Construct the following command to keep the files in order
#convert input1 input2 ... [-/+]append columns/_.png
#This MAY be limited by ARG_MAX in your system.

for i in `seq 0 $maxWidth`
convertCommand="convert "
    for j in `seq 0 $maxHeight`
        convertCommand=$convertCommand" renamed_files/"$i"\_"$j".png "
    convertCommand=$convertCommand" -append columns/$i.png"
    convertCommand="" #Reset the command string
    echo "Successfuly recreated columns/$i.png"

#Join the columns to construct the final image. 
convertCommand="convert "
for i in `seq 0 $maxWidth`
    convertCommand=$convertCommand"columns/"$i".png "

$convertCommand +append output.png
echo "Successfuly recreated the image at ./output.png"

Big thanks to my dear friend Satharus for helping me write this script.

running the script inside the directory we get the final picture called output.png

The flag is : ASCWG{B@sH_scR!ptssSS}

Challenge no.3: easy-peasy

The description hints that we may be facing a memory dump, running file command we get nothing useful. So we run volatility command with imageinfo plugin we get some interesting stuff.

So it’s a windows 7 memory dump, we need to dig deeper. using pslist plugin we are able to dump the processes that were running

We have two cmd.exe processes dumping their contents using consoles plugin, we get a mega drive link.

going to that link we get the flag.rar.rar file, cracking it using johntheripper. We get the password which is “princesa”, we are able to get the flag. ASCWG{M3moRy_f0Rens!Cs_ar3_FuN}

Challenge no.4: LookyLUKS

From the description we are facing an encrypted filesystem, and the name of the challenge hints that it’s a LUKS filesystem.

we need to use a tool to brute force the password, using a tool called bruteforce-luks . We are able to get the password for the challenge which is “xavier”. mounting that drive using cryptsetup utility

where NULL is the name of the volume I want to mount. We are able to get the flag


Challenge no.5: Hydra 2

This challenge was split into two parts Hydra 1 where the players need to extract the password for the rar file of Hydra 2, and then solve Hydra 2.

the password my friend Satharus wrote the writeup on how to reverse the binary and extract it, so please pay him a visit and see his writeup (he really did awesome work with writing the challenges)

The password is “the f1@g !s encrypt3d w!tH a l0g!c g@t3”, now to work on Hydra 2.

The file appears to have some hex values judging from the first numbers that it’s a rar file converted to hex.

we need to reverse these hex values to the original file, using xxd utility

The Flag appears to be encrypted going back to the password its explicitly states that the flag is encrypted with a logic gate so it must be XORd, going to cyberchef to decrypt it, we get the flag.


And this concludes the forensics challenges for ASCWG it’s been a wonderful experience that I hope to do it again.

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